(10) Chapter 5.

Adrian’s younger sister has captured Lionel’s heart. Her mother the Ex-Queen has other ideas. “Attend, O reader! while I narrate this tale of wonders!”

Windsor Castle from Winchester Tower; Royal Collection Trust

The story really starts to put down roots at Windsor. From the outskirts of its forest and the woodiness around its walls, where Lionel lurks, this chapter penetrates as far as  the Castle’s innermost chambers, then recoils into the snowy trees around it, to a warm cottage hearth, to an inn and a carriage. . .and so back to London.

Windsor Castle from Bishopgate, where Mary & Percy lived; Brush Drawing with Watercolor by Thomas Paul Sandsby, c. 1800; British Museum

Mary (still Godwin then) and Percy Shelley spent some of the happiest months of her life in a house at Windsor Park. Their son William (who died at three) was born there; and Percy spent hours on the Thames, sailing boats and writing poetry. In their time, the House of Hanover with its kings named George occupied the Castle. Queen Victoria was the last of that line; and at her death in 1901, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha became the royal house of the land. In 1917, the decision was made to be less German. That one and similar titles were jettisoned, and the House of Windsor was born to replace them. . .90 years after its appearance in Lord Raymond’s speech before Parliament that readers will recall from installment 7.

The Sibyl strikes again!   

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