(23) Chapter 2 cont.

Lord Raymond’s ambition attains catastrophic proportions. Lionel finally visits Istanbul’s Old City.

Edmund Kean as Richard Coeur de Lion, Tinsel Picture hand-colored engraving, embossed foil, fabric on paper; England, 1830–1840; Cooper Hewitt
Jean Le Tavernier, Le siège de Constantinople (1453), Miniature, after 1455; Bibliothèque nationale de France via Wikipedia
Gentile Bellini The Sultan Mehmet II 1480 Oil (19th-century repaint) on canvas, perhaps transferred from wood; National Gallery of Art, London
James Robertson, The Tombs of Sultan Soliman and His Favourite Sultana Roxalane, Constantinople, 1853, Salted paper print; The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
James Robertson, Hagia Sophia from Place l’Hippodrome, Salted paper print, 1853/57; National Gallery of Art, Washington
Sebah & Joaillier, Interior of Hagia Sophia, Albumen print, c. 1895; Library of Congress

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