(31) Chapter 7.

With a dead man, a madman, and a dying nanny as his unofficial welcoming committee, Lionel returns to Windsor for now.

Around the Blues 1957-62 Sam Francis 1923-1994: Tate, London

An aerial map-inspired painting by American abstract expressionist Sam Francis, a former military flyer, illustrates an installment that contains one of the novel’s most haunting scenes: the incident in the hut by Boulter’s Lock. (A setting, by the way, that might have been quiet and secluded in Mary Shelley’s time; later, during Queen Victoria’s reign, it was a mobbed, as this lively site shows.) I’ve also added a little editorial sound and light (eg. some wave-refracted sunbeams bouncing through a broken windowpane) to make it pop a little more. In my mind’s eye, the setting looks like this:

With sound:

These are public domain stock footage files uploaded to Internet Archive by the generous C.E. Price.

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