The 1826 novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author of Frankenstein, revised and edited for modern readers.

(7) Chapter 4/1 cont.

With Adrian mad from heartbreak and secluded in Scotland, the crown that might have been his gets closer to Lord Raymond’s head.

(6) Chapter 4/1.

At Perdita’s cottage in Windsor Forest, Lionel meets Lord Raymond and the beauteous Idris, his destined bride.

(5) Chapter 3.

An insignificant posting to the embassy in Vienna begins (and ends) Lionel’s professional life; back in England, a new character rises—Lord Raymond.

(2) Chapter I.

Lionel Verney, the boy who will become The Last Man, grows up with his sister Perdita in the mid-21st century English Lake District’s lowest class.


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